We have tried to make this site as accessible as possible, so all can benefit from the site and its content. The design and production of this website has been engineered with this accessibility goal in mind and means we have considered the following features when building it.

Buttons Styled Using Css/Html

This helps to make sure all text featured in action buttons is readable to all.

High Contrast Of Text Across Background Colours

We have used Black and a dark shade of Green (for links) across the site, to ensure a high contrast level over the very light grey or white backgrounds.

Text Over Images

Where text appears over images, the text is rendered separately so it is still legible.

ALT Tags

These have been provided for any images that convey messages or link to a destination that has no text descriptor with it. Conversely, we have left blank any ALT tags that do not convey useful information for a screenreader or enlarged site view.

Text Is Re-Sizeable

This allows for the browser to fully control the re-sizing of the text and in all places possible, absolute / pixel sizes have not been used for text-sizing.

Title Tags

To help identify all pages and their purpose, title tags have been completed across the site.

Language Descriptor

There is a language descriptor for all pages to help identify the language of the copy before having to listen to it being read.

Browser Compatibility

To ensure a broader user experience, we have built the site to work as gracefully as possible across as many different browsers as currently exist, as of January 2014. The site will also work with all images turned-off and has been tested by a panel of users who rely on screenreaders such as JAWS, to make sure the best experience we can provide for users with accessible needs, has been delivered.

‘Onmouseover’ Events

We know not everybody will be using a mouse (this includes tablet users too, of course) so we have modified the link events on the site not to work only when a mouse is used.

We Welcome Your Feedback

We want our site to work for you and with that in mind, we have built it to confirm to Level A accessibility, in compliance with the W3C guidelines (tested as of February 2014). If you should have any suggestions for improvement though, we would welcome your feedback and are grateful for any real-world testing that can be provided. Please contact us at feedback@grosvenor.com.