Tree conference

On 18th November 2016, Grosvenor hosted an event at the Grosvenor Office with the support of the Trees and Design Action Group and Barcham Trees.

This was an opportunity for those who are engaged in the ownership and management of urban trees - including land owners, local councils, architects, urban planners, landscape architects and tree officers - to debate how we can ensure that future generations can enjoy the urban forest that thanks to our predecessors, we are privileged to enjoy today. The meeting agreed that to ensure that we can provide a legacy for future generations in the face of climate change, pests and diseases, we need to have a tree stock that comprises a mixture of species, age and diversity. Along with the need to make some difficult decisions about what to do with some of our existing mature trees (as has happened in Lyon), only in this way can we ensure the optimal health of the urban tree population in the face of these ever increasing threats.

Introduced by Nigel Hughes MBE, the Estate Surveyor for Grosvenor, there were seven expert speakers exploring the issues and aiming to develop a plan for action:

- Tim Moya, Director, Tim Moya Associates – “What is our starting point?”

- Jake Tibbetts, Team Manager (Arboriculture) London Borough of Islington – “Current evidence on the risk assessment and likely timescale for tree diseases and how to achieve a balanced urban tree population age distribution.”

- Professor Alan Simson, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Forestry, Leeds Beckett University – “Historic species selection for trees in streets and gardens – what was the design intent?”

- Martin Kelly, Chair Trees and Design Action Group and Land Planning Director, Capita Property and Infrastructure – “Succession Planning for Diversity – what does this mean for our streets and garden squares?”

- Keith Sacre, Chairman, Arboricultural Association and Sales Director, Barcham Trees – “What can we plant now for future resilience?”

- Frédéric Ségur, Director, and Anne Jaluzot, Trees and Landscape Unit, Greater Lyon Authority – “Diversity in action and how political support was won in Lyon.”


The presentations can be downloaded below Please let us have your thoughts and comments on the issues raised by emailing