South Street

Along with Green Street and Halkin Street Gardens, South Street Garden was laid out by Edmund Wimperis, the Grosvenor estate’s surveyor, as part of his 10-year building plan drawn up in 1910.

The garden centres on a sunken elliptic lily pond with brick and tile walls, and a perimeter path of brick is laid out in a lively herringbone pattern. Other notable features include a handsome age-old plane tree, which predates the garden itself, and a charming potting shed with tiling that blends seamlessly with that of the garden wall. The original owner of 38 South Street was the second Baron Aberconway, a green-fingered gentleman who became president of the Royal Horticultural Society. It is likely that he considerably influenced the original planting at South Street. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 



South Street, London, W1K


Grosvenor Landscape Management (GLM)
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Garden Rules

Keys are issued on the following conditions to benefit all garden users. Please download and read the PDF's below.