Halkin Street

Halkin Street Garden is a beautifully manicured space overlooked by some of Belgravia’s smartest town houses. It was laid out circa 1915 by Edmund Wimperis, the Grosvenor estate’s surveyor, on land that had previously been occupied by stables and mews houses.

The original layout had a pool and fountain as a central feature, but by the 1930s the garden was allegedly being used as a tennis court by Edward VIII and Mrs Wallis Simpson. Around 1991 the appearance of the garden changed again, when part of it was used to build offices and greenhouse space for Grosvenor's Landscape Management Team. In 2008, however, the garden was re-landscaped and returned to its former size, and today the original fountain, testament to a century of history, is set into the north wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I speak to if I require a key for Halkin Street Garden?
Contact the GLM office on 020 7730 7788 or GLMoffice@grosvenor.com

How much does it cost to have a key for the garden?
The annual charge is £150.00 and the year runs from 1 April to 31 March each year. The charge is reviewed each year. The cost for extra or replacement keys is £50.

Can I take my dog into the garden?
No dogs are allowed in the garden.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I have a party in the garden? Is there a charge?
There are certain regulations for having a party in the garden. If you wish to have a party please contact the Grosvenor Landscape Management office on 020 7730 7788 or email GLMoffice@grosvenor.com

If I have any problems with the condition of the garden who should I speak to?
Grosvenor’s gardeners are frequently in the garden. However if you have an urgent query or problem you can contact Andrew Maskell on 020 7730 7788 or GLMoffice@grosvenor.com


Halkin Street, London, SW1X


Grosvenor Landscape Management (GLM)
Andrew Maskell, Head of Landscape Management
Simon Lewis, Landscape Manager
020 7730 7788

Key enquiries

Grosvenor Service Centre
020 7312 0011

Garden Rules

Keys are issued on the following conditions to benefit all garden users. Please download and read the PDF's below.